Roof Guard Warranty:

Our warranty is unaffected by  72 hour ponding water because we know, following a 25 year track record, it will remain watertight. Our warranty is not filled with exclusions that reflect a concern for its longevity and serviceability. The only thing that we don’t cover is leaks created by A/C units or new punctures, usually caused by new penetrations being added and not properly flashed with Roof Guard materials. We don’t void our roof warranty because someone else worked on the roof we simply don’t fix the leak for free if we were not involved with flashing the new penetration. Our certified installers are required to provide a minimum leak warranty of 3 years. This added bonus provides you, the building owner with the security of knowing that when you purchase a system warranty both TRESCO COATINGS and the installer will be responsible for fixing your leaks should they occur.

True waterproofing verses water resistance:

If you look closely at all other recover systems you will find that the manufacturer wants you to deal with every little pond of water on your roof, you are supposed to add more slope, install drains and even make structural changes, just so that their materials will hopefully hold up. ROOFGUARD is waterproof therefore it is not necessary to spend all of those added dollars and/or risk voiding the warranty. Typical 72 hour ponding areas have no affect on ROOFGUARD. The reason for this is simple, the architecture of the coating and its resins make it waterproof yet help it to remain flexible and durable. We take great pride in this fact.

It costs us more to manufacture ROOFGUARD, but we feel like it is the added bonus that helps us outperform all the others.