What Makes Roof Guard Different From Other Spray Applied Systems?

One distinctively different benefit is ROOFGUARD’s  warranty. The unconditional warranty is not full of exclusions such as ponding water, excessive foot traffic, new penetrations and everything else that is common with all other roof system manufacturers.

Other recover systems consider themselves water resistant, ROOFGUARD is waterproof. Ponding water (something you will find on most roofs) that lasts for 72 hours or less will not affect the ROOFGUARD system.

ROOFGUARD is unique in that it allows you to solve problem areas on any given roof and complete the roofing system over a period of years yet still qualify, when completed, for the warranty. This phased application approach is a unique opportunity for the building owner to buy a new roof a piece at a time if his budgetary requirements force him to do so.

Another industry leading characteristic of ROOFGUARD is its quality documented by the ASTM D6083-97a test results. When test results are compared to other acrylic elastomeric coatings manufacturers, ROOFGUARD #751 truly is “The last roof you will ever need!”