Who is a TRESCO Approved Applicator?

  • The Applicator has the experience, a commitment to quality and willingness to consistently install TRESCO materials and systems that meets or exceeds TRESCO standards.
  • The Applicator has an industry history that consistently exceeds high quality: workmanship, integrity, customer service and business practice.
  • The Applicator has a history of financial stability, obvious excellence in business management and strategic approach for long term success.

Acceptance Criteria: The Approved Applicator, in the opinion of TRESCO, must meet the following criteria in order to maintain their approved status:

  • Have a history of financial stability, innovation and growth.
  • Be an industry leader with an excellent reputation among industry constituents.
  • Have a consistent record of meeting and exceeding application standards of the same or similar type materials.
  • Must have up to date roofing contractor license, workman’s comp and liability insurance.
  • Is an active member in a roofing industry organization such as: NRCA, WSRCA, RCA etc.

Only the best contractors are chosen to be a TRESCO ROOFGUARD approved contractor. Their history of quality work, customer satisfaction, industry leadership and dedication to continued innovation and quality control makes a TRESCO ROOFGUARD approved applicator the best contractor for the job.