Torn Capsheet


MASTICSEAL is specifically formulated  from the highest quality acrylic elastomeric resins to seal fresh asphalt mastic.

MASTICSEAL is highly effective in helping prevent:

Asphalt “bleed”

UV degradation

Drying, shrinking and cracking

Begin Repair


Dissatisfied Customers

Sleepless Nights


MASTICSEAL is designed to be applied over fresh asphalt mastic for repairs, maintenance or new roofing.

MASTICSEAL has excellent waterproof qualities which makes it  the perfect choice to be applied on parapet wall caps, parapet walls, side walls, flashings or split repairs.

Coat Fresh Mastic With MASTICSEAL

MASTICSEAL is applied over fresh asphalt eliminating a return trip to the job.

MASTICSEAL and asphalt mastic can be used to seal a parapet wall saving the cost of a metal cap.

MASTICSEAL is a water-based sealer with low VOC’s and easy clean up.


Þ Apply MASTICSEAL by brush at a rate not to exceed 75 square feet per gallon.

Þ Apply MASTICSEAL a minimum of one inch beyond exterior edge of asphalt mastic repair to fully encapsulate the fresh asphalt.

Þ Do not thin MASTICSEAL since this will diminish its effectiveness.

Finish Sealing Mastic With MASTICSEAL #3080


Þ  Do not apply MASTICSEAL if weather will not permit it to dry prior to exposure to precipitation or freezing. Dry time is 24 to 48 hours when coating is applied in the morning and temperature is 50* F and rising but could be longer depending on temperature and humidity. Keep MASTICSEAL from freezing.

Þ Our products are guaranteed to meet established quality control standards. Information contained in our technical data is based on laboratory and field testing, but is subject to change without prior notice. No guarantees of accuracy are given or implied, nor does TRESCO assume any responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from storage, handling or use of our products. Liability, if any, is limited to product replacement or, if applicable, to the terms stated within the executed project warranty.

MASTICSEAL #3080 Dramatically Increases the Life of the Repair