Quality is not a cliche to help sell more product, it is an unwavering commitment to excellence in every thing we do. ASTM requires a minimum quality in a battery of tests that all roof coatings manufacturers must pass to be certified by Energy Star and CRRC. This test is ASTM D6083-97a. When you compare the test results of ROOFGUARD PREMIUM #751 against other acrylic elastomeric roof coatings manufacturers, there is a dramatic difference in product quality and performance. Percent solids, elongation, tensile strength, adhesion and especially perm rate, are the areas that provide the quality performance, waterproofing and longevity of the coating. ROOFGUARD PREMIUM #751 is in a class by itself which gives you the energy efficient, waterproof roof that provides the energy savings and long term peace of mind you are looking for.

ROOFGUARD ASTM D6083-97A comparison to other popular brand