FORTIFABRIC is stitchbonded, 100% polyester materials made by Tietex specifically for use with elastomeric coatings in roof membrane construction. Stitchbonded polyester is one of the strongest fabrics available for adding reinforcement to seams, splits, joints, cracks, protrusions and flashings. FORTIFABRIC offers an unusual combination of high strength properties and good elongation for excellent thermal stress resistance. The fabric is very pliable and is designed to conform to irregular and dissimilar surfaces more easily than other soft fabrics.

FORTIFABRIC has high absorption capability, allowing it to easily wet into and become encapsulated by the liquid roofing membrane, forming tough, waterproof details or overall reinforcement.


FORTIFABRIC is designed to reinforce large roof areas that are heavily alligatored or contain numerous cracks, seams, joints or splits. FORTIFABRIC strips are used to reinforce detail areas such as seams, splits, drains, vents and other protrusions through the roof surface.