ROOFPREP #754G is manufactured using 100% Acrylic, low viscosity elastomer of the highest quality resins without the addition of plasticizers. Production is rigidly controlled to assure uniformity of quality in every batch of materials.

ROOFPREP #754G is a water-based, high solids elastomeric coating where premium quality acrylic resins are combined with reinforcing laminar pigments, an effective biocide package and non-migrating fire retardants, resulting in superior durability, weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance and algae/mildew resistance.

ROOFPREP #754G is a high-tensile strength coating for use as the first coat to improve the adhesion to polyurethane foam and other roofing substrates. It was designed to penetrate and bond to reinforcement fabrics where required, as well as act as a bonding primer to enhance the adhesion of TRESCO topcoats over built-up, modified bitumen, wood, concrete, single-plys, spf or previously coated surfaces.

ROOFPREP #754G is a flexible, waterproof base for applying the finish coats and adds 6 mils/gallon/100sq.ft. to the total system which eliminates the labor and material cost of other clear and/or low solids primers. It is an easy to apply, cost effective method of securing reinforcing fabric over surfaces prone to structural movement, allowing the stress to be distributed over a broader area of the roof coating system. It also wets into existing substrates or existing coatings to lock down residual dust or contamination, thereby maximizing adhesion of the subsequent acrylic topcoat.

ROOFPREP #754G also blocks the migration of asphaltic oils, so that the TRESCO finish coats can be applied without risk of the bleed-through problems often associated with conventional roof coating systems.

“Save a step, use ROOFPREP!”