roof edge flashing detail
Roof Edge Flashing Detail
roof sleeper detail

Roof Sleeper Detail

roof drain detail

Roof Drain Detail

roof curb penetration detail

Roof Curb Penetration Detail

roof control joint detail - parallel to slope

Roof Control Joint Detail - Parallel to Slope

precast parapet wall joint detail

Precast Parapet Wall Joint Detail

plumbing vent penetration detail

Plumbing Vent Penetration Detail

pipe penetration detail

Pipe Penetration Detail

parapet wall rigid to deck detail

Parapet Wall Rigid To Deck Detail

parapet wall - coping cap detail

Parapet Wall - Coping Cap Detail

metal roof detail

Metal Roof Detail

insulated pipe penetration detail

Insulated Pipe Penetration Detail

existing gravel stop detail - parallel to slope

Existing Gravel Stop Detail - Parallel To Slope

electrical conduit penetration detail

Electrical Conduit Penetration Detail