ROOFGUARD is proud to introduce its latest technology; dark color coatings that reflect solar energy. We all know that the Sun’s rays are absorbed by many objects thereby making their temperature increase. TRESCO PAINT MFG. CO. ROOFGUARD INFRASHIELD coatings reflect much of the solar heat and keep the surface and building interior cooler. Along with the cooling effect come other potential benefits, such as less expansion and contraction, lower air conditioning bills, increased service life, less product degradation and improved comfort levels for building occupants. This new color coating technology can be combined in many ways, either with themselves, or along with Titanium Dioxide┬áto yield an array of colors that can conform to State and/or Federal specifications and guidelines that are ideal for many applications such as “cool roofing”, building exteriors, industrial coatings, coating metal roofing and many other applications where solar heat reflection and energy saving properties are desired. These coatings are currently being used in the most demanding environments such as roofing applications and vinyl siding where long life warranties are an issue. The Federal government has seen the value in keeping buildings cooler and has issued Energy Star guidelines for roofing products.